Venture 1, CAST OFF — Chocolate from Cacao Cell Cultures, questions a variety of characteristic views on grounds and manners that which are prevalent in the contemporary world of agriculture and food. The predominant global systems operate and reason upon primarily limited and naturalized grounds. They aim to sustain by means of a fixation of an equilibrium within the surrounding environment and thereby allow for their constantly optimized (re-)production. In this Venture, we challenge the seemingly manifest (re-)sourcing of food in nature. We watch out for techniques that entail the potential to alter the way we think, cultivate and talk about food and its production. Thereupon we propose to apply the technique of cell cultivation. This technique allows for an engagement with nature on a local level and thus to become its host. It makes the cells a generic ground. This primarily unlocks chance, which presumes a loss of control and order, though the instrumentalization of the technique allows for stabilities that which can be contracted and cultivated. The instrument, if mastered and played skillfully, enables to stage vigorous applications on yet noisy natural grounds. The circularity of this endeavor casts off and hosts natures that which constantly reward us with novel digestible articulations — luxuriations on a novel site — that which we would like to characterize as particularly sustainable.