Venture 2, Remote and Sense — A Vine Yard, addresses different forms of wine cultivation. We initially stage a series of distinct views that deal with the craft of making wine in the vineyard. On the one hand local crafts are kept alive by them being treated as traditions that which can be passed on as real exercises in time. This necessitates an active and immediate involvement in the vineyard in order to guarantee a neat hand over of specific skills from generation to generation. On the other hand analytical and scientific approaches aim for generalizations and an objectification. Both attempts have in common, that they in principal remain on the sensible and empirical side. In order to abstract from that, we primarily scour about traditions, knowledge and novel techniques that are currently already at our hands. Based upon previously collected experiences and measurements, this Venture sets up a remote Vine Yard. This remote model provides an intelligible instrument — a ruler and a compass — that can characterize the plenty of collected data and thus allows us to deal with the richness of particularities in the vineyard. It opens up a projective space of theories that can help us to guide practical activities in the vineyard and that further enables a learning by means of the cultivation of an object of wine in a novel remote Vine Yard.