Venture 3, Terroir and Talks, deals with the object of wine and it’s many subjects. We question prominent figures that issue their perspectives on describing wine. They comprise topics such as the measurements of environmental particularities in the vineyard, an extensive wine analysis as well as individual consumer voices of wine tasters. Together these subjects allow for the rich culture of wine. In the further course of this venture, we open the floor for even more voices about wine. We listen to these individual subjects and collect them as givens, as plenty in form of data, and make them as a vast and generic ground accessible. We prepare these grounds and thereupon setup an instrument. Therefor we instrumentalize the data and shape a pre-specific computational model of wine that operates between the local and global and thereby casts off Terroirs of symbolic Characters. These Characters allow for Talks, renderings of consistent theories, that can potentially further mark the already rich cultural artefact — the quasi-object of wine — alongside of quasi-subjects, such as the local vineyard environment, individual wine analysis as well as subjective wine taster’s sentences, in a playful manner.