Venture 4, Lawrence and a Gleamy Cloud, questions different modes of representation and talks about food and its creation. Primarily we present a series of views on how food finds representation, predication and valuation. We characterize attempts that intend to make up models and formalize units that which however find use for the definition of activities and processes alongside the production of food; the so far called value chains. Therein generalized values add up to a sum total — the product of food. But, what if one does not primarily pretend to know what “It” is? This Venture attempts to invert the manners of pre-valuation and contrarily starts of from an immense product of givens — a collection of data-sets. We thereby break new ground. A ground that comprises plenty of indexes. A computational instrument erects a reduced model that filters the generic ground of the plenty for stabilities. This probabilistic setup of a stochastic cloud hosts symbolic originalities that can make the richness of the given data alongside many Characters of an alphabet in an indexical manner graspable. It symbolizes the noisy ground and thereby lets the yet mute mass talk. The Characters Talks transports consistent theories that might be able to guide future practices. The instrument gives guidance on the way to make sense of that which is yet new and unknown. It allows to circle around and mark the quasi-object of food. In order to exemplarily do so, we link the application in this Venture back to the articulations of the Chocolate from Cacao Cell Cultures of Venture 1.