Medium, sea, ground, noise, atmosphere. Rare, island, stability, artifact, life. Me, jointing, weaving, gardening, writing.

Planetary Garden — How to help the earth move” Our garden is universal, local and global at the same time. Its informational. And atmospheric. A generic instrument. With fences, limits, thresholds, filters. Permeable and porous. A random local site of random size merely becomes our space for manoeuvres. We know its environmental conditions and its inhabiting species. We do so for the whole planet. We know all the neighborhoods – in the past and the present. Hence other pasts and other presents might help us to make up for future potentials. Back to the future.
In circles. (Teaser)

On Food — Land- and City-scapes in Digital Architectonics. A Thought Experiment” is forthcoming in the Applied Virtuality Book Series (Birkhäuser) edited by Ludger Hovestadt and Vera Bühlmann in 2023. Therein free thinking is unconstrained by facts. The book is based on the thesis that we live in a world of abundance, full of natural riches and cultural artifacts, full of human intellect and powerful technologies. Our thinking, however, is dominated by the opposite, the notion of scarcity. The limits of nature act as an inevitable necessity. In his book, David Schildberger adopts a novel approach to the subject of resources, with the help of intelligent instruments that introduce new foods, such as chocolate made from cocoa cell cultures, and even a fruit-bearing vine raised far from a vineyard. With his imagined scenarios, the author invites the reader to dare stretch their intellectual imaginations and ultimately presents nature as a contingent.

“On Food” preludes with “Meditating upon Land- and City Scapes” — an elementary treatise with the purpose of investigating the currently ongoing informational turn. It does so by juxtaposing the characteristics — the decisive Scapes that are distinguished either by the horizontal or vertical and primarily driven by the sensible or the intelligible that which shape orthogonal terms — of the Land and the City. A cataract of thoughts indexes concepts in a way that scaffolds them such that they gain the capacity to host, interiorize and organize as well as diversely cast off and stage future characterizations. The treatise shall provide leads and establish appropriate means to sustain Ventures yet to come. The second part “Mediating Digestible Viands” embarks Four Ventures in the world of food. Venture 1 casts off naturalized grounds and cultivates novel digestible natures. We confect Chocolate from Cacao Cell Cultures. Venture 2 questions crafts and traditions in the vineyard. We raise a remote Vine Yard. This informational instrument allows for the navigation of a probabilistic cloud suspended above the actual vineyard. Venture 3 approaches subjects and objects of wine. We enable symbolic Terroirs that give the wine itself a voice and thus allow for rich Talks. Venture 4 deals with subjects that give values to the object of food. We cast off a Value Cloud from which numerous articulations and values of food can be derived.

“Voluminous Calli – About Addressing Amenable Assets by Means of a Plant Cell Culture Protocol” provides the means for the logistical breeding of novel Natures. Forthcoming in Architecture and Naturing Affairs, Applied Virtuality Book Series, edited by Mihye An, Birkhäuser, 2020.

“Savouring a Viand - About Blind Tasting CCCC in the Dark” stages the breathing of the indeterminate of a novel Nature. Forthcoming in Architecture and Naturing Affairs, Applied Virtuality Book Series, edited by Mihye An, Birkhäuser, 2020. 

“Nudged Viands” opens up a view upon our most recent cultural heritage, the modern utopia of living in a lap of luxury, expressed and formalized in an urbanized land- and cityscape relation. Published in Symbolizing Existence—Metalithikum III, Applied Virtuality Book Series, edited by Ludger Hovestadt and Vera Bühlmann, Birkhäuser, 2016.

“Dynamic space carved out of the richness of the void” stages various characters and an omniscient chorus in a poetic play of ideas. The play explores ways towards novelity by indexing and dramatizing concepts and positions. Thereby a flow of thoughts reveals the richness of a void that, through intellectual ability, becomes a source for new worlds and takes us from necessity to luxury. Published in From the edge of Chaos: Dialogue amongst social theory and practice, edited by Subhash Sharma and Michael Zirkler, IBA Publications, 2014.

David Schildberger is an architect and data scientist. He finished his PhD at ETH Zürich (ITA, Digital Architectonics) and ZHAW Wädenswil (Centre for Food Composition and Process Design) in March 2020.